“Retail Environments challenged them to imagine what would happen if an iconic brand crossed over into a different kind of retail. Each team’s concept is inspired by an iconic brand’s market, clientele, values, strengths, etc. But the fictitious brand enters territory unfamiliar to the icon, addressing an imaginary intent. See how, our designers imagined, such a brand might approach the new space.”



Inspiration brand: Cleveland Clinic
Retail type: convenience
Intent: Leverage the brand’s lifestyle into a new revenue stream.

IN A NEW LOOK for the doctor making house calls, FRESHRx is delivering produce and prescribing fresh and healthy meals. The service caters to residents in urban areas that are lacking neighborhood options and to business communities that are looking for healthy lunch options.

“With doctors, dietitians and chefs on board, FRESHRx can set up shop in high-density urban areas that are lacking fresh produce and healthy prepared foods.”


FRESHRx is a hospital-based, mobile concept consisting of a fleet of modified trucks that are designed to cater to the masses. With doctors, dietitians, and chefs on board, FRESHRx can set up shop in high-density urban areas that are lacking fresh produce and healthy prepared foods.

These locations, known as food deserts, are prevalent in many U.S. cities. When FRESHRx sets up shop, these deserts turn into oases. Since the mobile unit is not a permanent solution for eating healthy, the staff is there to educate consumers about what to eat and how to prepare it, so they can develop healthy lifestyles.

In the corporate world, FRESHRx will cater to individual companies as well as set up in suburban office parks to provide healthy lunch alternatives for office workers.


When FRESHRx is open for business, the doors swing out and the awning flips up to provide the feel of an urban fruit stand. The wood-slatted awning provides the identifying graphics for passersby. Textured glazing in the door panels reinforce the natural ingredients whether open for business or driving around town. The interior is well-lit and clean with handwritten graphics further reinforcing the simple and natural lifestyle.

FRESHRx provides the “ounce of prevention” in tasty doses for all to experience.

Company: Onyx Creative, a division of Herschman Architects
Team members: Jonathan Novak, Fred Margulies, Rachel Raymond, Alessandra Andaloro, Tommy Chesnes, and Nicholas Espinosa

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