Firm History

The Early Years

In 1974, Jerry Herschman started Herschman Architects (HA) in Cleveland, Ohio. During the first fifteen years, the practice consisted of commercial and retail-based interior architecture. Taking advantage of market factors in the mid-1990s, HA transitioned into shell and ground-up buildings and more diverse project types including shopping centers, commercial, industrial and residential.

Expanding in Size and Expertise

As the size and scale of HA’s projects increased, so did the size of the practice and the professional disciplines within it. Engineering (electrical, mechanical and structural) disciplines were added in 2005. Additional offices were opened, including Tucson, Arizona in 2005 and Los Angeles, California in 2012.

An Eye Toward Design

In 2014, HA founded a dedicated design department in an effort to expand HA’s creative capabilities. The design studio focused on further diversifying HA’s project portfolio while developing an ethos of aspirational design. The new group provided a fully comprehensive and specialized practice of design, providing design services for architecture, urban design, interior design, branding and graphic design. This renewed commitment to an elevated design sensibility brought HA new and unique project opportunities, including commercial office, institutional, high-end retail environments, commercial urban spaces, retail prototype design as well as multi-family residential and assisted living.

Looking Toward The Future

After 40+ years in business, HA is readying itself for decades to come. As part of this process, the practice has rebranded as Onyx Creative, marrying its longtime reputation of quality services and relationships with a renewed focus on aspirational design.

Onyx Creative’s team of architects, engineers, interior designers and graphic designers is uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of a changing retail, commercial and residential landscape with creativity, passion and principle.

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