Office and Retail Development


Location | Hagerstown, MD
Size | 60,000 SF
Type | Commercial

How do you find new meaning in an old retail building? With traditional retailers going out of business, they are leaving millions of square feet behind for redevelopment. Here, an old Sears has found new life as mixed-use office and retail space. The original building acts as a scaffold for new ideas and materials: ideas of relating to context and applying humane materials. An existing façade is pushed out to create a new, pedestrian-scaled covered arcade with small shops. This retail base supports the offices above. The office space re-engages with the context to address its prominent corner and to lead the user around it to the new front portico. While the massing addresses its context the materials bring a refined sense of nature. Cultured stone, wood panels and highlights of aluminum work with an overall bronze palette to bring a richness and texture to the building.