Firm Leadership

Our Leadership Philosophy


“Our philosophy encourages an atmosphere of client service and mutual respect where employees actively partner with clients and guide them in the design and construction process. Our goal is to create an experience that is creative, cooperative, and achievable.”

Mike Crislip


Carole Sanderson

Chief Financial Officer

Jerry Herschman


Fred Margulies

Director of Retail Architecture

Dushan Bouchek

Director of Operations

Pete Fitzgerald

Director of Engineering

Jon Novak

Director of Design

Albert Croft


David Garcia

Director of Architecture, Tucson

Terry Francis

Director of Structural Engineering

Don Alexander


Rich Knapp


Javier Santos

Managing Architect, Southeast Region

Design Professionals
Jim Freeman
Chris Mierke

Our Team of Design Professionals

Our team of design professionals is comprised of Architects, Interior Designers, Urban Designers, Graphic Designers, Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Electrical Engineers. Our architects, engineers and designers are actively engaged and involved with the leading professional organizations of their respective fields, including the American Institute of Architects, the American Society of Interior Designers, and the International Code Council to name just a few.

Mark Pike
Craig Wright
Saloni Kumbkarni
Carolina Gandini
Stacey O’Guinn
Rod Bennett
John Quinn
Anthony Alexander
Jocelyn Deangelis
Efren Jasso
Howard Gillooly
Roman Gumieniak
Jennifer Dort

David Cowan

Richard Munch
Aaron Blue
Judith Varga
Ashley Brown
Eric Haefner
Dennis Barcena
Ed Gembka
Lysa Brown
James Horsch
Andrew Sayre
Brandon Garfield
Tommy Chesnes
Bonnie Hakes
Adam Drotleff
Michael Canright
Walter Thiem
Sacha Mompoint
Dan Austrian
Al Hughes
Doug Marxen
Gary Skalecki
Andre Woods
Roberto Pinedo
Brian Rice
Keith Bowes
Jackie Knepp
Matt Emerson
Rachel Raymond
Bob Skillman
Tristan Kipp
Will McCrone
Wade Reese
Wayne Schmidt
Eric Fletcher
George Shumway
Sean Bostater
Jonathan Holland
Simon Hornung
Kyle Matheny
Nick Young
Michael Aitken
Ray Quintero

Gabe Lara

Kevin McGreal
Kevin Lee
Ed Phelps
Inna Utis
Alana Holsclaw
Robert Boytim
Colleen Kurniawan
Crista Mapes
Nick Slaughterbeck
Anthony DiStefano
Cassandra Alvarez
Mark Croyle
Andrew Udovich
Bethany Henderson
Svetlana Sikanda
Matthew Carubia
Rita Gochberg

Judy Novak

Marc Lins

Taryn McGann

Todd Nagy

Adam Beneke

Sean Gronow

Jane Pane

Ann Marie Rotunda

Connor Kaldor

Jacob Walker

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